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Training and Exercise

Classes for puppies, adolescent and adult dogs of all breeds & backgrounds. From rescues to pedigrees.

Behavior Counseling & Modification

We offer a variety of options for eliminating unwanted behavior and improving your dogs manners and obedience skills


We work together with our clients to discuss and create a program tailored to their individual needs

Custom Leashes & Portrait Photography

We offer a variety of custom leashes and professional photography!

Freedom K9 Services Inc. offers a number of different services for your dog! This includes all levels/types of training and exercise to custom leashes and portrait photography of your best friend.

We are dedicated to the relationships we have with our clients and their dogs. Every single dog that we build a relationship with is taken into the highest regard. We offer a free in home meet and greet. This gives us an opportunity to meet the dogs and their owners and build a custom tailored program for each dog. Building a solid foundation from the beginning is most important!



I met Wayne 3 years ago watching him from a distance, unbeknown to him. Seeing him work his magic on my neighbor’s dog was amazing. He is kind, gentle, and always fair. I have been involved in the dog world for the past 40 years, working for a veterinarian, showing St. Bernard’s in confirmation, pet therapy and animal rescue, but we all reach a time in life when we need help. I am the owner of a wonderful, but strong-willed Golden and so my Golden and I became Wayne’s students. It’s been an amazing learning experience for me, but more so for my golden, who has become a wonderful family dog and a best friend, thanks to the training from Wayne. I will always be thankful for all he did for the ”Murph” and me. P.S. Wayne always knows if you did your homework!
Wayne has been an outstanding trainer for our dogs. Since we had two puppies growing up together, it’s been a challenge harnessing all that energy and keeping them disciplined and learning. They both (a German Shepherd and a Boxer) have been with Wayne for almost two years now. Our dogs are well trained and extremely enjoyable. They are loved members of our family, well behaved and happy. We consider Wayne not only our respected trainer but also a compassionate, animal advocate who our dogs love and respect. We highly recommend him for your consideration in helping to train your dog.

Before we introduced our three dogs to Wayne they were completely unmanageable and on the verge of being dangerous to each other. On the very first introduction he had the line drawn and from there it was simply a process of teaching us how to manage the dogs instead of the other way around. Wayne was the most perfectly balanced combination of firm and gentle, assertive, but somehow intangibly calm and in complete control. It was magic to watch his language with the dogs, both spoken and nonverbal. An absolute true professional with a gift of love for animals. Plus, skill that gave us a harmonious relationship with our pets and calmed the entire house. My wife Alexis and I, recommend Wayne with the highest regard.
I don’t usually endorse many things but if you're thinking about having your dog trained and your looking for RESULTS then Wayne Thormeyer is the right choice! My dog Allie is a 6mth old sweet loving German Shepherd puppy with a mind of her own at times. I have had two back surgeries so having a dog that wants to pull you around the block isn’t good. It was making me have second thoughts if I made the right decision. Allie is also being trained for an emotional support dog for my daughter who is having some health issues. Wayne has shown us what we need to do to mark when my daughter is having symptoms and Allie is catching on very quickly. The transformation has been INCREDIBLE. I owe it all to Wayne Thormeyer.
We were referred to Wayne at K9 Freedom for our 4 month old EXTREMELY active German Shepherd Puppy, Harley. He has taken Harley (and Us) from a non-structured and somewhat out of control environment to a now calm, obedient and structured style of living with our beautiful pup! In a very short time, Wayne taught Harley (and Us) doggy manner, obedience, walking, handling skills and more. Wayne is very prompt for his scheduled appointments; he is flexible and does not hesitate to stay over when he is working on a task with Harley to ensure that his goal is accomplished. Wayne also encourages us to contact him anytime with questions in between our scheduled training sessions. Harley is a new dog since he has worked with Wayne. Harley was extremely hyper, did not listen and did not follow any commands. Regardless of what you are hoping to accomplish with your dog: training, obedience or other, we highly recommend Wayne! We have nicknamed Wayne as the "Real Dog Whisperer".
We have worked with Wayne on almost a daily basis since we moved to the area over 2 years ago. We have two strong-minded, formidable German Shepherds and therefore we cannot leave their care to just anyone. Not only does Wayne’s training skill reflect his elite experience in high level “Competition/Sport dog” obedience from which our dogs have benefited greatly, but he provides them equal measure of love and attention. Wayne takes our dogs on nature walks through trails, finds creative ways to incorporate their training into daily experiences, and exercises them in a playful manner that they love. We feel so incredibly fortunate to have found Wayne Thormeyer to train our dogs, be part of their lives, and in doing so, be part of our lives.

"Ever since I was born there was a dog in my life, always by my side. I believe in building, growing, and participating in all the relationships in my life. The best relationships are based in trust, respect, communication, and love! This comes from practice and participation. The relationships with my dogs are no exception. My goal is to help everyone build the same kind of relationships with their dogs".

-Wayne Thormeyer


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